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     The last 24-36 months have been a breeze when it comes to keeping our business clean, all thanks to MaldenRushettCarpetCleaners's efficient and trustworthy cleaners.
C. White22/05/2024
     The deep cleaning service offered by Carpet Cleaning Malden Rushett on Monday was nothing short of amazing - their committed staff and affordable prices make them stand out.
Adam Miller11/04/2024
     Phenomenal service provided by this dedicated group of professionals! Highly recommended for their remarkable work ethic, quality of service, and reliability.
Rose R.27/03/2024
     With a change in sofas on the horizon, we made sure to take the opportunity to also schedule a thorough carpet cleaning session before the new pieces arrived.
Neil M.11/03/2024
     My carpet has never looked better, all thanks to the incredible work done by Malden Rushett Cleaning Services.
     Choosing this cleaning team was the best decision I could have made - they completely exceeded my expectations.
Peter Gloss15/02/2024
     What an amazing experience with this excellent company - quick, efficient service at competitive prices!
Stefan R.02/02/2024
     Flawless quality from beginning to end. My carpets required cleaning and Malden Rushett Carpet Cleaning provided a great deal. The cleaner was PHENOMENAL- she didn't miss a spot, finished quickly, and the outcome exceeded my expectations.
     The cleaner's attention to detail and expertise were evident in her work from beginning to end - an outstanding service that exceeded my expectations. She skillfully cleaned two rugs, a carpet, sofa, chair and footstool until they looked like new and had an enticing scent.
S. Hughs18/12/2023
     Remarkable job! A reliable and efficient cleaning firm.
Tom S.20/11/2023
     Making the reservation online was easy as pie and they were available for any queries throughout, plus the cleaner performed brilliantly in total!
John L.18/10/2023
     All your searching for a cleaner can cease - no one can top Carpet Cleaning Malden Rushett.
Mrs. Tammy Thomas02/08/2023
     These guys know how to make a budget-friendly service that still ensures top quality results - I can't wait to use them again soon!
Karen H.01/03/2023
     The two employees sent to us by Malden Rushett Cleaning Services were exemplary in performance and behaviour. They showed up at the allotted time, informed us of their intentions promptly, and left everything neat and presentable afterwards. Certainly worth hiring them again!
Eva Reynolds09/02/2023
     This is the only cleaning service that I will use. Their cleaners are hardworking and professional. They've been handling my cleaning needs for some time now, and always do a terrific job.
Eleanor Watson21/05/2020
      Malden Rushett Carpet Cleaning is the best domestic cleaning services. Fast and reliable!
     My father's kitchen had gotten a little out of control and dirty recently so it really needed a professional and deep clean. Carpet Cleaning Malden Rushett were perfect for this job because they took care of everything. My father said that the cleaners were friendly and helpful and he would like to see them again! The cleaning they did was really high quality and I am so pleased that my dad can get back to enjoying his home again. Will be calling this fantastic company again to use their services in the future.
Lynn Brierly15/03/2016